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The Art, Scribbles and Visual Ramblings of Christian Ward - Illustrator, writer and Comic Artist on Infinite Vacation and the upcoming ODY-C



The London Film and Comic Con 2014 held the True Believer Awards ceremony over the weekend. Kelly Sue and I couldn’t attend but, nominated for a few things, we sent a joint statement just in case someone had to read something on our behalf.

Turns out I, or books of which I am a part, won five….

Proud to be collaborating with this fella 

.Planning ahead here. Some process behind some graphic novel pitch page that i’m pitching with John Harris Dunning ( writer of Salem Brownstone and co-curator of the Comics Unmasked exhibition at The British Library). Not likely to see the light of day before 2017/18. Something based entirely on earth to return to after flying around the galaxy with ODY-C 

A whole bunch of of my recent Marvel covers 

All of my covers for The Dynamite Comics Mini series Dr Spektor - written by Mark Waid, with interiors by Neil Edwards 

Final cover for the Spektor Mini Series

New Avengers 23 cover process

A look at the process behind my collaboration with Margaret Atwood, Freeforall, our contribution to the Guardian’s Comic Unmasked issue

Here’s the process behind my Dark Tower Cover 

A little look behind the process of my latest Spektor cover