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"Live For Myself, Answer To Nobody"
5 limited edition large scale prints created for a Steve McQueen tribute show here in London. 
Mach Schau and The Vinyl Factory host exhibition of images captured by legendary photographer Barry Feinstein.
Teaming up as The Custom Factory, Mach Schau and The Vinyl Factory announce the opening of ‘Live For Myself, Answer To Nobody’, an exhibition of previously unseen photographs of iconic anti-hero Steve McQueen taken by documentary photographer Barry Feinstein.
Charting the American actor’s early racing career through to the filming of Bullitt in 1968, the exhibition will also present a series of contemporary digital and traditional reworks of these iconic photographs by British illustrators like Autumn Whitehurst and Christian Ward within the overall theme of “The Outsider”, and in doing so provide a new context for Feinstein’s intimate portraiture.
Set for display at London’s Brewer Street Project from 28th November – 14th January 2014, ‘Live For Myself, Answer To Nobody’ will also celebrate Feinstein and McQueen’s shared passion for motorbikes, with bespoke merchandise and apparel available from premium labels on site, alongside limited edition prints, books and original artwork. Little White Lies will also be producing a special edition catalogue to accompany the exhibition.
Visit ‘Live For Myself, Answer To Nobody’ at London’s Brewer Street Project from 28 November to 14th January 2014.
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